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Paper and Pixel / 12 Documenta Magazines

Copio la información del siguiente encuentro de Documenta 12 Magazines titulado Paper and Pixel (16-22 julio). Por América Latina participan Patricia Canetti de Canal Contemporáneo (Brasil), Fran Ilich de Sab0t (Mexico), Jaime Iregui de Esferapública (Colombia) y el peruano, ahora radicado en Londres, José-Carlos Mariátegui.

documenta 12 magazines: Kassel 16-22 July 2007

Paper and Pixel
organised by Alessandro Ludovico and Nat Muller
in collaboration with*

Tuesday 17

July 13:00-14:30
Lunch Lecture
How to Survive the Paper Industry
Participants: Simon Worthington (Mute, London), Alessandro Ludovico (Neural, Bari)Moderator: Nat Muller (Rotterdam)

Ever since ink turned into toner and pixel, printed paper has been struggling to survive as a medium. Yet, stubborn independent editors are still producing the most endangered species of paper products: the independent magazine. By endlessly reinventing content, technical and economical strategies these magazines testimony to the distinct qualities of printed publications, such as periodicity, touch of paper and smell of copy. Yet, it is precisely the love for the speed of electrons, and an understanding of the potentials of networked media, that have inspired the cultural tactics of these magazines; from print-on-demand, collaborative editing, sharing content and knowledge, to surfing and playing up to new economical demands.

Screening and Discussion
Ibon Aranberri (documenta 12 artist, Bilbao) in dialogue with Pablo Lafuente (London)
Kabinett 1

Thursday 19

July 10:30-12:00 The Art of Blogging
Kabinett 2

lecture by Régine Debatty (, Berlin).The art of blogging. How blogging is an art and how to make it successful. The queen of media art blogging Regine Debatty talks about the king of media art blogs. Ironically titled, 'we make money not art', the latter is a unique case in the world of digital art publishing successful, competent, engaging, and purely digital.

Lunch Lecture
Processual Aesthetics, Processual Editing: Net-Working
Participants: Miren Eraso (Zehar, San Sebastian), Christina MCPhee(-empyre-, Sydney), Patricia Canetti (Canal Contemporâneo, São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro)
Moderator: Alessandro Ludovico (Neural, Bari)

Cultural networking has been embodied in different forms through the various nets of independent publishers. We will focus on the aesthetics and practices of networking, collaborative editing and publishing and how that all ties into what has been called “processual aesthetics”, namely an aesthetics that recognizes the material and embodied dimensions of netculture. Strategies of connecting, sharing, improve altogether, meeting on shared goals and then terminating collaborations to start new ones as temporary autonomous zones of production and development. So how do editors really work on the net, and where is the locus of pixel and where is the locus of paper?

Saturday 21

July 13:00-14:30
Lunch Lecture
Publishing the Public: Contextualising Locality

Participants: Jaime Iregui (Esfera Pública, Bogotá), Fran Ilich (Sab0t, Mexico City), José-Carlos Mariátegui (Lima/London), Nebojsa Vilic (Concrete Reflection, Skopje)
Moderator: Nat Muller (Rotterdam)

In a time when the public sphere is shrinking and “things public” become convoluted with “things privat(ised)”, we would like to approach writing and publishing as a public act. Like curating, we would like to view publishing as an effort towards making this public, and in the service of various publics. What is public is of course shaped and moulded by the specificities of context. In a global era we insist to ask how we can work from a particular locality, and go beyond the standard (and by now tedious) “local vs. global” debate, but head to another (yet unknown

*Visit regularly as of 16 July 2007 to read and comment on daily blog entries from the hosts and participants of the Paper and Pixel Week. Join in the debate with leading editors, writers and thinkers. Access key texts, images and online resources related to the work of the participants and topics of the lectures and panels. is the essential online tool for everyone involved in arts and culture who creates, collaborates, shares and produces across borders in Europe. This dynamic interactive web platform was launched in 2006 to encourage dialogue, networking and collaboration across physical, cultural and imaginative borders across 48 countries in the broader Europe. Initiated by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and jointly developed and supported by many of Europe's leading cultural organisations, offers a wealth of essential information, debate and research - including all the latest news, vital funding tips, blogs and a vast searchable database of cultural organisations operating from Rome to Reykjavík.


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